Grazalema Blankets

The BlanketsPonchos y Scarves and Shawls and other wool accessories are made in the woolen mill from Grazalema, Spain. Grazalema blankets are a true example of the craftman´s art. Famous in times past throughout Spain, they were also exported to Europe and South America. Grazalema is said to be the wettest town in the whole of Spain, and maybe therein lies the secret of its wool, because it is cleaner and more thorouhgly washed than any other.

Merino Wool

Nowadays, wool is thought of as an ecological material from a natural resource. It is both sustainable and biodegradable while at the same time being renewable each year. The physical properties of wool fibers allow for excellent insulation and elasticity and its chemical components make it breathable and absorbent. Furthermore, we mustn’t forget its historical importance and it has been one of the most valued primary resources by humankind. Grazalema is town situated in the heart of the mountains of Cadiz and is famous for its weather, its pine forests and the quality of its blankets and ponchos which date back centuries.


Artesanía textil de Grazalema, heir to a long tradition of handcrafted blanket weaving, is the oldest craft textile company in Spain and the only one still active in the region. Apart from the traditional articles, new designs are being produced using various combinations of materials. In recent times many neighbouring countries have developed an enthusiasm for natural products: natural fibres, natural colours and hand-crafted methods of production. In other words, a humanising of the product. What is more, it is clear that people are prepared to pay more for products made in this way. This trend unquestionably helped the development of the hand-crafted textile of Grazalema.