Wool Blankets

Merino wool blankets & throws made in the old woolen mill Grazalema, Spain

Merino wool, quality and tradition since 100 years ago

It is possible to embroider name or initials in your blanket. FREE

Blankets for home: sofa, plaids, bedroom, babies...

Merino wool throws

【Merino Wool Blankets】 & Throws made in GRAZALEMA

Wool Blankets

Merino wool blankets & throws made in the old woolen mill Grazalema, Spain

Merino wool, quality and tradition since 100 years ago

It is possible to embroider name or initials in your blanket. FREE

Blankets for home: sofa, plaids, bedroom, babies...

Merino wool throws

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Comfortable Blanket is essential for quality sleep so consider the following before buying one

A cuddly down rug is not only for individuals living in Alaska. Down sheet, material items are accessible in an assortment of weights, qualities, shades, and sizes for a cool rest or one that will warm you from the chilliest of night winds. Since down is so lightweight, it is a standout amongst the most agreeable and looked for after blanket for a cover or rug cover. Before you look for a cotton cover for children or bedspread, get some essential data from our tips on purchasing a plaid or pillow for your bed.

1-How Warm Do You Sleep

A few people lay down with layers and layers of bed linen that have been made from virgin wool or lamb's-wool with the electric cover turned up high. Others are all right with only a light layer covering on them, even in the coldest of climate. Since down covers and rug arrive in a wide assortment of weights and fills, you'll need to have a thought of what will give you the most agreeable rest. Try not to purchase an overwhelming rug on the off chance that you live in the tropics!

2-How Big Is Your Bed

Try not to accept that you will locate a down rug that fits your bed superbly.

  • * Take watchful estimations and search for the cover that will most nearly match your bed.
  • * On the off chance that you have a Queen bed, do not get duped with a full/ruler knit.
  • * On the off chance that you have a California King bed, a lord rug-bed may not be sufficiently long.
  • * Remember that you will need a portion of the rug bed or cover to drop down the sides of the bed, so do not get one that is too little. 

3-The amount Fill Power Do You Need

It is a reality that rug Fill power is a term used to depict the nature of blanket. The higher the fill control, the bigger and more grounded the groups of down. Huge bunches give unrivaled protection, inhale preferably and last any longer over littler, delicate down groups. So keeping in mind the end goal to get the correct warmth for your requirements, look at the rug fill control that diverse makers offer. There is no reason for purchasing more than you require, however you do not need too little either.

4-Decide Your Budget and Choose the Quality You Want

The most costly down covers and rug blankets are made of white, pure, hypoallergenic goose rug. In case you are on a constrained spending plan, you may locate a blanket cover with a lower grade of the rug, with fewer blankets, or with a blend of down and quills. While these give an exceptionally agreeable rest, you may feel this is an ideal opportunity to extend your financial plan and make a decent venture.

5-Confounds Can Be Baffling

While straightforward coverlets are made by sewing filler between two layers of texture, down covers and blankets are made with long channels or a sewn-through box plan which holds the down set up for an even appropriation. Pieces of texture are really sewn between the layers of texture. This shield the threads of blanket from moving. With puzzles sewn in, there will not be any frosty spots in your down rug.

6-External Fabric Thread Count

Despite the fact that down groups appear to be delicate and fleecy, they can spill through any texture that holds them. It is imperative to purchase a cover with a high string check, firmly woven, giving airtight scope. At that point, you will not need to stress that the down or quills will escape. Many organizations take unique care to seal the edges, as well.

7-To Cover or Not to Cover

A bed without a cover is known as a duvet. Keeping in mind the end goal to take great care of another down blanket or cover, we suggest that you utilize a duvet cover, a substantial pillowcase that covers the extensive bed. A cover will include some weight, and an enriching spread could include a considerable measure of weight. Be that as it may, a duvet cover will secure the down cover or sofa, and a cover is less demanding to clean than a vast sofa-bed.

8-Not all covers can be washed

Odd, however, genuine, a few covers can be washed as it were. On the off chance that straightforwardness and simplicity are the names of your diversion, ensure the tag says that you can hurl it in the clothes washer.

9-Electric covers are protected and low support.

In the event that you like a warm, toasty bed, consider an electric rug cover. The vast majorities of the present alternatives have an automatic closing option for wellbeing and are helpfully machine washable. Some remote controls have 10 settings, a pre-warm setting, and auto stop highlight after a predefined timeframe.

10-Dampness removal textures keep you warm and dry.

Covers produced using characteristic strands like cotton, silk wick and fleece dampness far from the body superior to their engineered partners. Therefore, you remain warm and comfortable, not overheated.

11-There are possibilities for those with allergies

On the off chance that you are inclined to allergies, sniffles and watery eyes, pick a cover that can be washed in boiling hot water at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the snappiest, best approach to take out allergens. With all such tips, you can buy the blankets or rug that you like the most. You have to keep in mind that always invests in the blankets that will meet all your requirements. We are here to provide you with the best blankets. When you are ordering through the shopping cart make sure that, you select the rug that matches your room. Select your favorite color or the shade that is loved by your children. So get the wool blanket that you like the most.  

The whole array of wool blankets, ponchos and scarves included in our catalogue has been manufactured with a very special raw material: high quality fine wool obtained from the merino breed. This extra soft wool with an extraordinary touch has been carefully selected for these garments. Furthermore, our company applies a detailed quality control system to the whole manufacturing process. All the different stages of the process take place in our facilities: our wool blankets, scarves and ponchos factory in Grazalema, in the province of Cadix, in southern Spain.

Wool scarves are stylish and comfortable garments used in autumn and winter both by men and women. They match with all sorts of coats and jackets and are essential to create different outfits with your wardrobe essentials. Thanks to the great variety of patterns and colours they offer, scarves will easily help you transform your look: they can emphasize a coat, a jacket or a dress, or help soothe a daring look. Scarves are a star accessory; they bring colour to your outfit and enhance your style to highlight your personality.

Wool ponchos are undoubtedly on rise this winter. We all love opening our wardrobes and finding a vast array of wool garments and coats to fit our mood. More and more people enjoy wearing ponchos nowadays, particularly young women.

Wool blankets remain the fundamental pillar of our company. Coming from on a long tradition, wool blankets have evolved and adapted to new uses: from the traditional bed blankets to travel blankets, plaid blankets for coaches, baby blankets, cot blankets, stirrup blankets, picnic blankets or yoga blankets.

In our efforts to increase our offer of products and wool accessories women, we have recently included new items in our catalogue, such as wool ties, hand-made bags, ballerinas shoes, round cap hats and flat caps.