Wool Saddler Pad

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Wool Saddler Pad made in Grazalema factory following traditional technical of manufacturing

Composition: 100% Merino Wool

Dimensions: 70 cm x 1 m

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66,1 €

Wool saddle pads

A wool saddle pad or blanket is placed between the saddle and the horse. The purposes of this wool saddle blanket are, for example, absorbing the sweat of the animal to keep the horse dryer, or reducing the possibility of the leather of the saddle getting dirty with sweat, and also, although to a lesser extent, sharing the weight on the back of the animal in an equal manner thus improving the grip of the rider on the horse.

The wool cloth used for this saddle pad has gone through a strong hand craft fulling process during manufacturing. For this reason, it is a cloth of thick and strong wool with the inherent capacity of wool of absorbing humidity from the environment, which makes it very effective as saddle pad or blanket. The design respects the natural colour of wool fibre with no dyes or chemical additives. An old and classic pattern used for the manufacturing of cloths for chaps.

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