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Check Sofa Throw


Check Sofa Throw. It is made in the traditional wool blankets factory in Grazalema, southern Spain.

Plaid for home: couch, sofa.

Dimensions: 70" x 51"

Weight: 1.32 lbs

Composition: 100% Pure merino virgin wool

Color: Check Prince of wales and green details


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Grazalema blankets

All blankets which are on sale through this website are produced to the highest standard in our factory which the company owns in Grazalema. We use the finest quality merino sheep wool and mix both traditional craftsmanship and the production needed for modern manufacturing.


The factory has a museum which holds machinery from the 19th century. It can be visited during working hours from Monday to Friday.


Nowadays, wool is thought of as an ecological material from a natural resource. It is both sustainable and biodegradable while at the same time being renewable each year. The physical properties of wool fibers allow for excellent insulation and elasticity and its chemical components make it breathable and absorbent. Furthermore, we mustn’t forget its historical importance and it has been one of the most valued primary resources by humankind.


We recommend washing Grazalema wool blankets by hand in cold water and using a neutral detergent in a bathtub or similar. Drain the blanket or poncho in the bathtub until it has released all the water completely and in a natural manner. Hand it out at night to avoid the sun. Never use hot water or washers and dryers. The item will become damaged in these cases. Do not beat or rub the item while washing.


Grazalema is town situated in the heart of the mountains of Cadiz and is famous for its weather, its pine forests and the quality of its blankets and ponchos which date back centuries.

picnic throw

Wool blanket for picnic

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